Extended Protection Program (EPP)
Dealer Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EPP customer value?

Your customers have 7 key reasons for buying a service plan. Use these benefits as selling points when offering your customers the service plan along with the product they are purchasing:

  • Peace of mind – No need to worry about what to do if their purchase breaks down.
  • Financial benefit - No additional money will be spent on covered repairs.
  • Protecting their investment - They are ensuring the longest life for the product.
  • Great value for their investment - The price of the plan is usually less than the cost of one repair.
  • No hassle repair - If a repair is ever needed, the process is easy and the repair is done by experienced technicians.
  • Pick-up & delivery – Coverage throughout the entire warranty period.
  • Promotional coverage – The 3-year manufacturer limited-time promotional warranty only covers the product; the extended plan covers both the product and engine.

What is the EPP dealer value?

Your dealer benefits:

  • Profitability – dealership profits from each contract sold.
  • Good customer service – offer an extended warranty gives the customers the confidence to buy, because they know they can purchase an extended warranty along with the product they are buying.
  • Customer satisfaction – your customers know you care about their piece of mind and want them to get the most value from their purchase.
  • Customer loyalty – your satisfied customer will return for repeat sales.
  • Referrals – a customer who uses their extended warranty to avoid paying a large repair bill will talk about their good experience with your business to others.

As a Dealer: What do I receive after I enroll to help us sell the EPP in-store?

You will receive the Extended Protection Plan Merchandising Kit containing:

  • Hang Tags with zip ties to attach to displayed product in your store
  • Dealer Sales Reference Cards with Price Lists
  • Dealer Support Contact Sheets
  • Customer Information Sheet for Consumers
  • Table Top or Product Display signs
  • Extended Protection Plan Terms and Conditions for customer (staple to customer plan purchase receipt)

Are there dealer timing restrictions for selling EPP?

Currently, a dealer can sell an EPP to a customer from the point of product purchase until 30 days prior to the units manufacturers warranty expiration.

If I agree to sell the plan am I required to provide service and process claims?

No. There are two agreements; one agreement is to sell the EPP, and one agreement is to service units that have covered EPP’s on them. Briggs & Stratton recommends that you participate and offer both in order to cultivate the customer loyalty. Should you elect not to service the EPP, the customer will be referred to the closet authorized servicing dealer near their registered zip code.

What is the EPP length of coverage terms?

Currently you may offer your customer the 3rd year, 4th year or 5th year plan. This plan takes effect on the original date of purchase of the product. The plan also continues to be in effect after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, starting from the date the product is purchased and expiring at the end of the coverage for the term purchased.

3rd Year Plan from Date of Purchase Plan Example:

|==1st year==|==2nd year==|==3rd year==|

Your customer may choose the plan you recommend which best suits their needs and their budget. The respective plans are priced according to the coverage term.

What does the EPP coverage protect?

This service agreement covers lawn and garden products purchased as new and manufactured for use in the United States, which at the time of purchase included a manufacturer’s original warranty valid in the United States that provides a minimum coverage of two (2) or three (3) years parts and labor. Add-on attachments (i.e. grass catchers, thatchers, etc.) purchased on the same invoice as the covered product will be covered under the same service agreement. Repairs necessitated by operation outside the manufacturers operational or environmental specifications are not covered (residential unit being used for commercial use).

The plan provides the same basic coverage as the manufacturer’s new product warranty. Normal maintenance and “wear & tear” items such as blades, belts, spark plugs, air filters, etc. are not covered unless they were the by- product of a covered failure under the extended protection plan as specified in the terms & conditions. If you have further questions regarding coverage and plan details, you can review the full terms & conditions or contact the extended protection plan administrator at 1-888-899-4450.

Does the EPP include coverage of the engine?

Yes, while many manufacturers of new products have separate warranty statements for the equipment and the engine, the EPP provides coverage for both equipment and engine under one plan.

Will repairs under the EPP need to be pre-approved?

When the dealer submits the agreement to become a servicing dealer of the plan, the dealer will receive a “pre- authorized set dollar amount” that will allow them to repair units without having to request a pre-authorization for every repair. Only when the repair exceeds the pre-authorization amount will the dealer will be required to submit an estimate for the entire repair prior to authorization.

Each repair will require requesting a work order number through the WCPSonline claims reporting tool in the Power Portal; no claim will be processed without a work order number.

What is the Pick Up and Delivery policy?

The dealer will be paid either $50.00 or $75.00 with the actual amount being calculated off of the mileage. For pick up and deliveries 25 miles or less roundtrip, the plan will pay $50.00. For pick-up and deliveries greater than 25 miles, the plan will pay the maximum $75.00. Multiple pick-up and deliveries are allowed throughout the warranty period with limitations and depend on prior repairs of the mower. This is for units that do not qualify for carry in service (Walk Mowers, etc.).

What is the labor reimbursement rate?

The dealer will be reimbursed at $90.00 flat rate (not per hour) per normal repair not including the pick-up and delivery amount if applicable; any major repairs will differ in the reimbursement amount and will require preapproval on a case by case basis.(Major repairs being: transmission replacement, engine tear down, short block, etc.).

What is the parts reimbursement amount?

Parts are reimbursed at dealer cost plus 20%. The Administrator reserves the right to audit dealers at any time, and/or request part invoices to verify parts cost.

Are there penalties for submitting late EPP contract sales?

EPP contract registrations and payment must be made by the 20th of the month for all contracts sold the previous month.

Service Contracts reported three (3) months after date of contract sale will incur a 25% surcharge plus any claims.

Service Contracts reported six (6) months after date of contract sale will incur a 50% surcharge plus any claims.

How will I verify coverage for customers with EPP contracts if purchased elsewhere?

You may call 1-800-789-2584; you’ll need the customer name and product serial number to validate an active EPP contract.

How will the dealer be paid?

By check within 30 days of receipt of the claim that has been submitted electronically online through the WCPSonline program on the power portal to any authorized extended warranty servicing dealer. Written claims will be accepted for a $5.00 administrative fee and paid by check within 45 days of receipt less the fee. Please mail any written claims to:

Attn: Warranty Claims
2200 Highway 121
Bedford, TX 76021

Who is responsible for customer refunds?

If the customer purchased the plan on-line through the www.powerequipmentwarranty.com website, they may call 1-888-899-4450 for more information. If the customer purchased their EPP through an authorized EPP selling dealer, they would need to return to the dealer who would call Warrantech @ 1-800-789-2584. Warrantech will review the contract history and advise the dealer on the pro-rated amount they will be returning to the dealer. The dealer in turn, would use the set percentage Warrantech provides at that time to calculate the refund amount for the customer. Within the first 30 days, if there are no claims pending against the contract, the customer would receive a full refund. After that period being coverage was provided, the contract would be pro-rated.

Who is the Program Administrator?

Warrantech - P.O. Box 975394, - Dallas, TX 75397-5394.

Who is the Program Underwriter?

Am Trust Financial Services, Inc. - (NASD: AFSI) Am Trust also acquired Warrantech in the 2010.

Who do I contact with additional questions about EPP?

We recommend calling the EPP Customer Relations Center @ 1-888-899-4450. You may also reference the EPP Dealer Contact List posted on ThePowerPortal.com> My Resources> Extended Protection Plan.

As a participating EPP dealer, will my work performed under the EPP need to be guaranteed and if so, for how long?

Warrantech has a 90 day recall requirement for the same repair. If the customer experiences a different failure within 90 days after a repair was performed for which the failure/parts were different than the original issue, Warrantech would issue a new repair order for parts and labor.

What is the website www.powerequipmentwarranty.com? Are consumers being sent letters referring them there to purchase an EPP?

For customers that have not purchased an EPP plan at the time of sale, using our product registration data, we offer the customer the opportunity to purchase the EPP throughout the 2 or promotional 3 year new product warranty period. The customer letter points out the benefits of the plan and gives the customer a specific login tied directly to the plan for their registered product should they be interested. If the customer contacts a dealer inquiring about the plan as a result of one of these solicitations, our preference is and we strongly encourage the dealer to sell the plan to the consumer.

What is the consumer price of the plan being charged on www.powerequipmentwarranty.com?

The Suggested Retail Price from the current published dealer EPP price list is the cost to the customer on the website.

Are there any future enhancements/additions planned to expand the offerings of the plan?

Yes. Presently we are in the process of establishing a solid foundation for the plan with the dealer base. Future enhancements could include additional value adds such as used equipment, maintenance agreements and a few other areas.

How do I sign up for the plan?

The forms needed to initially sign up to sell the plan can be found on the Power Portal under My Resources > Extended Protection Plan > Extended Warranty Forms. The following forms will need to be completed and submitted to become an authorized selling dealer:

  • EPP Dealer Administration Agreement
  • EPP Dealer Implementation Profile

You may also contact EPP Customer Relations Center with questions or need assistance at any time Monday - Friday between 9am – 5pm Eastern Standard Time @ 1-888-899-4450.

Will the B&S Customer Relations Center be able to assist me as well?

While the EPP Customer Relations Center would be the primary contact, the Tech Services team of the Briggs and Stratton Customer Relations Center @ 1-888-477-8650 is familiar with the plan and will always try to answer your questions with regard to the plan.

How do we access the online tool to submit EPP sales & claims?

To begin the EPP sales and claims entry process, login to www.thepowerportal.com and under applications choose Extended Protection Plan. You will be directed to the WCPS Online sales and claims entry tools. If you need further assistance, please contact the EPP Customer Relations @ 1-888-899-4450.

For more information or general questions, please contact the staff at the EPP Customer Relations Center at 1-888-899-4450 Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time.